Meet Dita, she's my gorgeous and friendly Cockerpoo :)

I've been asked by a few brides and events now to bring her along, what with certain occasions being stressful and a lot of venues becoming doggie friendly, i thought i would now offer this option to all bookings.

She has worked by my side for over 3 years, in salons and on location. If you would like, and are able to have a doggie at your chosen venue, Dita would be happy to come along.

She LOVES fuss and people of all ages, even babies, she has a new baby brother called George. She also loves cats, she lives with her two furry siblings, cat brother Ted and cat sister Pinky and they get on famously!

Feel free to ask about her on your booking form.

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Dita with Dorothy, Mother of The Bride x

Dita is fully insured with Dogs Trust